Freckles Treatment

Freckles Treatment

Freckles are the flat and brown circular spots that often confused with serious skin issues. It is a harmless benign skin condition which can appear unsightly and embarrassing. These are rarely treated as they are expensive and cannot be afforded by all class of people. However, these treatment methods are safe and targets at lightening or reducing the appearance of freckles.

Multiple or a combination of treatments are considered in order to have best outcomes. In most instances, these freckles often recur with repeated UV exposures.

Bleaching or fading creams

Bleaching or fading creams can help lighten the freckles and exhibits best outcomes in combination with sun avoidance and sun protection. Products containing hydroquinone and kojic can help lighten freckles if they are applied consistently over a period of months. However, the hydroquinone at higher concentrations (over 2%) require a compulsory prescription.


Retinoids is a class of chemical compounds used in conjunction with bleaching creams to lighten freckles. These are used in combination with bleaching creams as they can lighten freckles if applied regularly for several months.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels helps in lightening freckles as well as improves irregular pigmentation.

Q – Switched Laser treatment

Lasers helps to lighten and decrease the appearance of freckles. Multiple types of lasers exists for safe and effective removal of freckles. It is a simple procedure with best outcomes.

Photofacials or Intense Pulsed Light treatments

It is another machine involving intense light source to lighten and remove freckles. However, it is not a true laser technique, but can help remove freckles.

Freckles prevention aimed at sun avoidance and sun-protection is more effective compared to freckle removal because it is harder to change your genetic or hereditary component. Most freckle reduction treatments are not satisfactory.

However, the permanent removal of freckles with the best available freckles treatment options largely depends on the experience of your cosmetic doctors or nurses.